Source code for gecos.file

# This source code is part of the Gecos package and is distributed
# under the 3-Clause BSD License. Please see 'LICENSE.rst' for further
# information.

__author__ = "Patrick Kunzmann"
__all__ = ["write_color_scheme"]

import json
from matplotlib.colors import to_hex

[docs]def write_color_scheme(file, result, name=""): """ Write a color scheme in the *Biotite* compatible JSON format into a file. Parameters ---------- file : file-like object The file to write the scheme into. result : Optimizer.Result The result from the optimization. Contains the color scheme. name : str, optional Name of the scheme. Will be written to the value of the ``"name"`` key. """ scheme = {} scheme["name"] = name symbols = result.alphabet.get_symbols() scheme["alphabet"] = symbols scheme["colors"] = {s : to_hex(c) for s, c in zip(symbols, result.rgb_colors)} json.dump(scheme, file, indent=4)